Thursday, August 16, 2007

Miss me?

So, I decided my poor blog has been neglected as long as I could get away with. We are here, we are here, we are here! At the new house. Mostly unpacked, even. Impressive, I know. Very happy, comfortable and content here... well, for the most part. It's still a little freaky when I'm alone here at night. I promise pictures when I find my misplaced battery charger for the camera and charge it up. Promise!!
Sunday was Brenda's birthday party. Look at my boogerhead.... Brenda, age two (oh my god, that's how old Lucien is... no more growing!):

At her party the other day... (it was actually cold for once, but daddy bought a *SPIDERMAN* Slip-N-Slide, so it just HAD to be tried out:

Aaaaaand then, my camera died. Poo.

And this week, the girl has been going to Kindergarten Camp. I told her she's not allowed to get big and go to school, but she's not listening, for some reason. So sad. She's such a big girl.

On the baby front, I am 33 weeks now (or, in a couple days anyways). I have been having contractions, and some other stuff that tells me that Mr. Baby will not be waiting until his due date to join us. I had a fun trip to the hospital, where they sent me home and told me to drink water. Again. Seriously, if I hear my doctor tell me all of my symptoms can be cured with 10 glasses of water a day one more time, I might scream. Contractions? Drink water. Severe pelvic pain? Water. Dizziness? Water (oh, and don't forget to eat. Cuz that'll happen). High-ish blood pressure? Make sure you drink some water. Meanwhile, I've been practically drowning myself and it's not really doing the magic I've been being told it's supposed to. But it is making me have to run up and down our new stairs all night long to use the bathroom 20 times. Which, most likely, is NOT helping with the contractions. Argh. Well, Dr. said that if the baby can wait a week (a week and a half when I talked to her on Monday, actually), they won't stop my labor if I go early. So let's just wait until I'm 34 weeks, yes?

Enough for now. I must go lay down. But first, pee. Always with the peeing. Also, if I hear another weird noise in this house where there's no one else here and awake but me, I'm going to freak myself out and not be able to sleep. Cheers.