Thursday, July 26, 2007

How moving.

Ohkay, people. So I haven't lost my mind entirely yet. In about a day and a half, we will be moving into the new house and officially the **** out of here. (Although, maybe I should stop saying things like that, it seems to jinx us terribly every time I even think it....)
I don't even want to go through everything we've been through in the past three days to record it in the blog. Suffice it to say, it's been hell. Surprised that I haven't killed anyone, why yes I am. Even more surprised my husband hasn't.
This is my last blog post before we have no internets for a while, so hopefully everyone is all good, perhaps my next post will be about Brenda's fantastic birthday party in our new home, and all the new crafty stuff I've done with the place.
Wish me luck, it seems we've been needing it. Blargh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reunited and it feels SO good...

Daddy found the Ted. The kid next door stole him (grr, when are we moving again???), but must've left him outside on accident and now he's back! Yay! (He was very grimy, so I had to throw him in the washing machine after we found him, much to Luke's dismay.) I've never seen a kid love a bear as much as Lucien loves that nasty old thing. :D He's so happy Ted's back it makes me kind of teary.

On the house front, lots of drama and nonsense I'd rather not go through again, as it stresses me out. However, we should close on the original closing date (the 27th) and that's that. Well, that had BETTER be that or I might hurt someone. Meanwhile my house has been reduced to boxes of stuff and I have nothing to do but sit on the computer all day, or watch TV. It's gotten too hot to go outside again (well, muggy, pregnant-ladies-can't-breathe kind of weather, anyways), so I could clean, or nap, or play on the computer. This is going so slow... Friday is it. Hopefully (I say that a lot) we can get into the apartment this weekend? Please, universe? Stop messing with me for a few days and let me get into our new house?

Baby's been going crazy. He's decided my organs don't need the room, after all, and has taken up space where my lungs used to be. Three more months? I'm not sure about all that, he might get evicted before then.

We took Brenda to the store for some school shopping today. I guess that means she's really going, huh?

Good, I could use a couple of hours without her attitude. Where did my baby girl go and who is this small child that thinks she's a teenager? Slamming doors and being mouthy and whatnot. I used to be sad she was going to school, but lately I can't fricking wait, man. Lucien doesn't form sentences good enough to give me the kind of attitude she can. And the baby won't talk for a good year from now, at least.

Ending ramble. Maybe will go make some iced coffee... needing the caffiene today, but not the heat of regular coffee. Bye now.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

When is my shift over, already?

I feel my agitation with everything escalating lately. I woke up in a good mood, but it quickly went downhill from there as my son systematically tried to mess up every single room in the house. Between his awful whine when anything is even slightly frustrating to being followed around so close I could trip if I lost a step... to just constant shrieking and fighting between the two of them... to having to decide whether I should follow them around picking up toys, or let my house become a known disaster area... or even just trying to keep THEM clean (I think tattoos are in Lucien's future, as he feels coloring all over himself in marker is the best way to spend his "color time")... and then there's Brenda, with her rapid-fire questions to which she already KNOWS the answer... I feel like if I hear the word "momma" one more time today my head will explode.. I put him in bed and asked Brenda as nicely as I possibly could muster at this moment to be very quiet, so instead of her constant out-loud monologue to herself she's doing a whisper. I feel like smashing my own brains in to get some peace and quiet lately. I am guessing it's because I am with them from the time I wake up until pretty much the time I go to bed every day all day long without having had a break from them or even like a nap (as Luke has decided he doesn't want to sleep alone and Brenda thinks naps are for babies) or shower (well, not as true, I had a shower all by myself yesterday and it was like heaven... but usually, I have at least one if not both of them with me) without them in, I'm going to say... pretty much MONTHS. I'm not even allowed to close the door when I go pee, or Luke yells outside and tries to open the door until I'm done. I need a break. Seriously, health insurance should pay for mothers of young children to get a babysitter. For mental health reasons. And it seems the longer it goes without me getting a break, the more they won't listen to a word I say unless I yell. I haven't been the best mom ever lately, and I feel a bit guilty about it, but my GOD I need someone else to take over for a little while. Please??? (Yeah, not likely.)
I know it sounds ridiculous coming from someone who doesn't have a job, but I need a vacation. Bad.
Aaaaaand, since the bank thinks it's fun to keep telling us they'll be done and then not being done when they say they'll be, we're still in the hole of an apartment when we should be in our nice new house. Which I'm sure isn't helping my aggravation.
I need a drink and a Valium lately, but I guess I could settle for laying in bed for a whole day without anything needing to be done by me. And no one yelling "mommy" at me, either.
Also not likely.

End rant.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A picture is worth 1,000 guilt trips.

Guess what they're staring at so intently? Yeah... mom's tired. Times like these, I thank the sweet baby Jesus for Spongebob. For real.

Still, OH, the guilt... look how sucked in they are! I can almost HEAR it melting their brains... sigh.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

16 days and counting....

Note to self, get off my ass and start packing our crap. Seriously, I was on a roll for a while, then Tim decided he's too cool to go get boxes so I ran out of steam. Not like he actually has to PACK anything... just get the fricking boxes. Ahem.

We went to the farmer's market today. You're jealous, I know. I got yellow and zucchini squash, and pretty cherries, and apples, one of which is about the size of a deer's heart (yeah, eww. Like you've never seen one. Come on.... well, that's what you get for living in the country your whole life, I guess). Today it is raining, hopefully it'll get cool enough to cook finally and I will make stuffed zucchini, zucchini bread and maybe some lasagna for dinners/lunches this week. I'm not sure what else to do with the rest of my squash, I'll probably just freeze what i don't use.

Today is my boy's birthday, he's two. Sniffle. I am sad about it, he's way too big already.

Look at how little... he was brand new...

Then, a picture of when he was one (what? 1 is the legal drinking age in any Irish family, didn't you know?) (And also, why is my husband's hairy leg in every picture of my son... hmm..):

And now he's like me... he's so old that he passes out on his birthday before he even gets the chance to drink.

Stinky head. Happy birthday Widgey-Widge, Mr. McSir and all the other stupid little names you don't care about now but will be pissed when I call you them in front of your friends. Ha!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy birthday to my little mans... (well, on the 11th, but his party was yesterday). It was exhausting. Too many kids, no sleep and it was HOT. But Lucien seemed to enjoy himself, got some cool toys and new clothes, I'm a little sad I didn't take a picture of his cake, it was awesome, but for some reason every time it's important, I lose my camera... so I have one picture of his birthday. This one:

Sigh. Oh well... anyways, the cake looked something like this, but I put gummy worms on top for added effect, and the truck was WAY cooler (a giant metal Tonka that he can fit into... to credit my husband, I did say that he has about 400 toy cars and trucks, but he said Tonka is different and bought it anyways. It's a cool truck. Don't tell him I said that, though, cuz I'm always right). It was a hit regardless, I wish I had a picture of the cake. Lots of messy faces and cake crumbs abound yesterday (glad we bombed for ants last week, or they'd be invading again for sure). Brenda went for a sleepover at my cousin's house, so Lucien and I are partaking in a chocolate cake breakfast. My tummy hurts.

In other news, the chick that lived in our house before we bought it is OUTOUTOUT, hooray, so we're just waiting for the loan to close (which should be the 27th). 18 DAYS, everyone. I suddenly feel as though I have nothing packed and need to get going. Crap. Why am I on the computer again!?!

Baby is fine, 7 months, 2 months (3 if you believe that I'm going to be full term, I don't believe it for a second) to go. Things are moving right along around here. I am going crazy with the 5,000,000 things that need to be done *rightnow*. Oh well. Later....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

And now for something completely different...

I know I was working on my son's birthday present, but how can someone call themselves a Gemini without having 2500 unfinished projects laying about? :P
I am currently working on this... I was cleaning up the crap in my house for impending garage sale, and I decided instead of throwing away that yucky old cookie sheet, I'd make something out of it. Now it's a magnetic calendar.

And the back holds all of the magnets I'm not using on the calendar this month:

I'm excited about it. It never goes obsolete, all of the months, days and numbers are interchangeable, and I can add whatever words I want... even the picture can be changed. I will add some marble magnets to hold appointment cards, etc., and maybe some more picture magnets. But otherwise, it's pretty much done. Very cool. And recycled!

Wedding Pictures (Finally)....

I know they've been vastly anticipated, so nearly 3 months later here's a sneak peek into our teeny tiny wedding. :) :) :)

I know, they're not the greatest... but since I took pictures of actual photos with my digital camera, I think they turned out ok. Yay, pictures!