Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Updating for you all, it's been a while.

Brenda is doing well in school, not as well at home. She is so mouthy I just wanna smack the mouth right off of her face sometimes (don't worry, her mouth is still attached where it's supposed to be). But we had a very long, very adult talk the other day about why mom gets mad and yells at her when I've told her for the 100th time to do something and have been ignored (I actually said to her, "how would you feel if the people you were around all day long just completely ignored everything you said to them?" I think she kind of gets why she needs to listen to me now... but that might not be the thing to say to a five year old. Oh well, she didn't come with a rule book to look things like that up). Lots of little girls calling all afternoon after school. She's a popular kid... who knew my kid would be popular? I was SO not. :O :)
Luke is cutting molars (as you can tell from the picture... his hands are always in his mouth lately) and being a crazy little butt. He takes his bed completely apart nearly every single day. I wish he'd learn to put it back together. His favorite foods are salad and candy and peanut butter-jelly right now... that's all he asks for. We're still working on potty training.. he hasn't gone poo in the potty yet, but he will try to make it to pee, and does almost half the time. Baby steps.
Rowen is a cute little monkey and I love to squish him. He is a boobie-boy and holds the boob with both hands while he eats. He hates it when you try to trick him into a bottle and when no one's holding him. He's got TONS of dark hair and blue blue eyes. The kids love him, surprisingly and thankfully. I wish he'd sleep more at night, it feels like he's got day and night cornfused. Aaaand, I just heard him poo from two rooms over. I'm scared to see what is in that diaper, but I'm not going to wake him up to change it. Instead I will go get coffee.

Happy Halloween, as well! (Ok, I finally got pics taken of the house, now I need to adjust them and put them up. I swear it'll happen before New Years.)

Dad and Luke's pumpkin (Scary Pumpkin)
Mom and Brenda's pumpkin (Happy Pumpkin)
Mom got to do an extra pumpkin this year. He's the Spit-Up Pumpkin, in honor of our newest family member, Mr. Pooker. :D

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rowen James Oakley...

Born September 19th, 2007 at 9:17 AM. 6 lb, 13 oz.

Mom is going crazy and has absolutely no time to blog or compute anymore. Here's some pics and hopefully going into more detail on life later... when I can find my head.