Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, Rowen update:

(The first picture, he is in a sling made for me by one of my dear friends on a website that will remain nameless... thanks missy! You can check out her shop here.)

So, Rowen. Still *hearts* boobies, but is expanding his palate to include cereal and fruit. Cute little monster. Insomniac. Momma-obsessed. Enjoys a good hockey game (no, really). Found his voice recently & LOVES screaming... no words yet though.

More later, must feed the baby beast!


So it's been a while since I filled in my loyal readers (what are there, like two of you?). Here you are.


As you can see, Brenda just lost another tooth, "and the tooth fairy knows her NAME!" in her words. :) She is doing fantastic in school. Very smart, big on reading, listening to music, and practicing for PMS. Loves macaroni and cheese. Loves her brothers. Is a big helper-girl, all of the time. However, she is testing me constantly on how much back talk she can get away with. She also loves to watch Iron Chef America and Scooby Doo.


Ah, the elusive middle child. Most of his pictures look like those above. But here's one and you can KIND of see a face... he DOES indeed exist (although cynics still speculate...)

So. Lucien. He is a holy terror. Still cute. Still red. He is starting with the potty training... he will go if he's asked to go, but won't tell us yet that he has to go potty. Baby steps. He enjoys making momma crazy and drinking maple-syrup milk. He likes to put dishes away and wipe down surfaces with baby wipes. Still loves Ted. Loves his baby brother, finally... he holds Rowen's hand and sings to him. "Iss'akay, my widdle Row-wen, beebee Row-wen, widdle Row-wen... I yuv yew, an' I yuv yew, an' I YUUUUUVVV, my yiddle GUYYYY..." He likes to make up songs, such as "Buff-lo Bills, an' Buff-lo Bills, an'..... HOCKEEEEYYYYY...." And I am still clinging to nap time, although I'm sure it's nearing it's end.

For a Rowen update, you must wait... he is screaming, teething, constipated and generally PISSED OFF at the world. Bye!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Huh. Last time I took this quiz, it told me I was 2:11 A.M.

That's a Gemini for you I guess.

It's been a while..

Man, you keep putting it off and putting it off, and before you know it it's the middle of February. However, I do have an excuse.. I had no memory card, so there were no new pictures to be had.

Some news... we just got a new puppy! A cocker spaniel, Shamrock... Roxy for short. She's pretty cute but a handful, to say the least, and I feel like another child has been added to our household. Because that's what we needed. Yeah.

Anyways, pictures....

(Oh, and don't mind the ogre holding her. This picture was taken pre-face application.)

More to come, after I get some breakfast and clean up a bit, and there's not a giant loud annoying truck outside my house. Grrr.