Saturday, March 7, 2009


...learning to work my camera.

I messed about with the zoom feature today (oh so difficult, I know. I am no photographer, people. I barely know how to work those disposable cameras. Do they even make those anymore?)

I perfected my super-stealthy spy skillz, taking pics of my kids. I kicked their butts outside in the rain (hey it wasn't POURING rain), and spied on them from my bathroom window.

And then, I was caught! I tried to quickly hide around the corner of the window but she'd seen me, and was giving me the eyebrows:

So then of course the spy mission turned into a photo shoot and she posed for a minute.

They came in filthy, wet, and cold. They're bathing now, then lunch.

Rowen pictures later! He is sleeping, thank the heavens.

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